Fashion vs Style

Patty Patterson

Difference between fashion and style

Fashion is based on trends and market, in essence it is what outside forces tell you to wear.  Style is based on you, your unique expression when you step out in to the world.  The colours you prefer, the fabrics and how you put them all together to create a look that is uniquely yours.

“Style is your unique expression when you step out into the world.”

You can wear blue and green if it speaks to you.  No bounds on personal expression.  This is especially easy to do with consignment.  The treasures that you find come from multiple generations at times.  Not to mention the huge variety that is presented by the many different consignors who support the store.

For example: We pair a pair of jeans with slick designer boots and a long coat it can feel as if we just stepped on to the ‘runway’ in New York.

Accessorize any outfit with a scarf or a handbag and you become the envy of your social circle.  If you are trying to make a statement that is outside the current fashion trends then visit your local consignment store and have their helpful staff create that look you are seeking.

Make this your aim the next time you visit your favorite consignment store.

We strive to assist you in your treasure hunting and provide quirky products that you just don’t find anywhere else.  You never know what you will find so it is a good idea to stop by frequently as the inventory is constantly changing.

Shop Consignment and look fabulous for less!

Patty Patterson

At A&E we strive to consign only the best brands and styles of previously loved ladies fashions.  The quality and selection are bar none in the Vernon area.  Dolce Gabbana, Cloe, London Fog, Frank Lyman, Simon Chang, Linda Lundstrom, Parsley & Sage, Nygard, Lululemon, Joseph Ribkoff, Conrad C and Tribal to mention a few.

Melanie looking chic
Melanie looking chic

Looking fabulous for less and feeling great as a bonus is what we offer.  Enjoy the softness of supple leather and other fine fabrics against your skin.  Finding treasures combined with the excitement of getting a great deal takes your experience off the charts.

Sometimes what we have in our closet doesn’t make us feel great but our budget gets in the way…or does it?  When you shop consignment, you get to buy great styles and brands for much less than you’d pay at a major retailer.  Women will purchase a garment for a one-time event.  It will then spend more time in the closet than anywhere else.  Until she cleans out the closet and brings the clothes to sell at her favorite consignment store.  Where you find these treasures that are the perfect addition to your closet.

I will assist in creating fantastic outfits to produce the most amazing look for you.  We appreciate your business and want you to look and feel your best.   That way when you are the talk of your circle you will share our store with those who would inquire, “where did you find that fabulous…”.

Drop by A&E Community Market and Consignment Centre and rejoice in the savings you will experience when you find your next treasured piece.

See you soon.



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